SafeNight: Helping Domestic Violence Victims

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Become a member of the community

Once you've registered with SafeNight, you become a member of the community.  A community who believes that people want to help.  That we can use the resources at our disposal to make change.  A community that believes everyone deserves a violence free life.


Connect with an organization

Once you've registered, you can connect to a verified domestic violence service organization. These organizations provide shelter and other services to individuals in need.  Once you connect, you will receive requests to sponsor a hotel room when there is an urgent need and no availabe space at a shelter.


When the organization you are supporting needs help, you will see a notification on your phone.  That lets you know that there is an individual who needs a safe night. By agreeing to sponsor a hotel stay, you give that person a chance to receive additional support in a time of need.