Team Foundation Server Usage at Microsoft

My very good friend, Randy Pagels, recently posted some TFS usage data. You can find the PDF here:


While you are there make sure to look at all the other great stuff Randy has on his blog:


Here is a quick look at the data for folks:



Team Project Collections


Team Projects


Active Unique Users


Work Items


Source Code Files


Builds Per Month


Test Cases


Availability 99.83% uptime


As you can see we like to “eat our own dogfood” at Microsoft and we use TFS for our development. What you may NOT know is that TFS is used for way, waaay more than software development at Microsoft and at some of my customers. The traditional fallacy is that TFS is used for only .NET development or for only software development—nothing could be further from the truth. You can use TFS to do anything where you want to have traceability and reporting capabilities. Some of the more common uses I see beyond .NET or Java application development is the use of TFS for mainframe development and hardware development. We use TFS, for example, to create the Xbox 360 (and Xbox One) hardware elements such as controllers, Kinect, and so on. So the next time you are thinking of using TFS remember the technology transcends any particular technology and can be used for much more than just .NET development.