WorkItem Glass

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So in my quest to find new and interesting interfaces for TFS, my buddy Chris Koenig introduced me to this little gem. It’s geared for the non-developer roles who want a nice, friendly look and feel to work items. Check it out for yourself here:



Here is some information verbatim from the site:



WorkItem Glass is an alternate client for Team Foundation Server whose target audience consists of those team members not in a traditional Developer role such as Quality Assurance, Project Manager and Business Analyst. WorkItem Glass provides a Smart View into Team Foundation Server projects, hosted on, by emphasizing relationships between work items.
WorkItem Glass will need your account alternate credential information for your TFS repository hosted on

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  • Access cloud based TFS work items (e.g. from anywhere
  • Repository Quick Connect
  • View work items and their relationships
  • Share query results
  • Print query results
  • Supports portrait, landscape, filled and snapped views
  • Select Work Items from the query to share or print