FYI: Why is Microsoft dancing with Danger?

Microsoft recently acquired Danger, the company that made T-Mobile sidekick. Does this signify any strategic change of Microsoft Windows Mobile? Here is an analysis on this move.

"Part of the purchase of Danger is no doubt to bolster Microsoft's
back-end services. We can expect to see hosted email aggregation as
well as hosted messaging aggregation and email push solutions, all
coming from rebranded Danger servers and sold to consumers.

Meanwhile, the interface experts at Danger will find themselves
creating shell interfaces for Windows Mobile devices; either working
with manufacturers to customise the interface (as Sony Ericsson has
done), or creating a new, pluggable, look and feel that Microsoft can
supply as an option to device manufacturers who don't want to create
their own consumer-friendly interface.

So Windows Mobile will become a much less visible OS, with the
manufacturer (or operator) providing the on-device branding, and users
able to access and use the vast majority of applications without
recourse to the Start Menu."

I think all of these speculations make sense--MSFT folks are feeling the increasing pressure from Apple and Google, not to mention Nokia. YoY growth of 30%? Not a big deal in this industry ...

The fundamental question is: do you like a phone that looks like a small-screen desktop Windows?

To biz professionals, the answer maybe "yeah I am OK with it as long as I can sync emails". But what about the average consumers?