How Many Days to Reach 1 Million?

Last year, iPhone took 74 days to reach 1 million.

HTC Touch took about 5 months to get that number.

This year, the 1 million mark was reached just 3 days after iPhone 2.0 was launched. Now the total iPhone volume has reportedly reached 7 million. Their goal of getting 10 million iPhone shipped by the end of 2008 is well within reach.

I don't have an iPhone 3G. Ironically some people from our customer-facing team often bring their own iPhone to our Windows Mobile partners, which I think is politically incorrect. Anyhow, I tried an iPhone 3G a bit and still the user experience is superior and exchange email sync worked fine.

Meanwhile, there is another big monster lurking around the corner - the Google Android phones. Oh, yes you can say as of today there is no such phone so the ratio of Windows Mobile to Android is 18 million to ZERO, so it is infinite. Great.

But, until 6/29/2007, the ratio of Windows Mobile to iPhone was infinite as well...