Mobile 2.0 - Critical Issues and Why Japan and Korea are the Mobile Time Machines

I came across a great presentation deck on "Mobile 2.0" written by  Gerhard Fasol, CEO of Eurotechnology Japan K. K. In the presentation, Gerhard shared his insight into next generation mobile services and four critical issues, Platforms, Business Models, Globalization, and Standardization vs Risk Taking & Early Adoption. Definitely worth a read.

The presentation also has some interesting data showing Japan and Korea being the "Mobile Time Machines" - they are way ahead of EU (and US) in adopting new technologies and business models. Speaking of my personal experience, in Tokyo I saw people use cell phone at the gate to enter train stations. I don't know if people can do the same anywhere in the US.


 Update: Watch for the latest development of China's recent 3G launch. All the players are trying to ride this wave with app stores, oPhone/hiPhone, reduced data fee, and the upcoming iPhone launch.