Windows Mobile Device DRM Integration

Many devices today provide an OMA DRM 1.x/2.0 solution from a 3rd party (for example, from irdeto). So how to verify if the integration has been properly done? Well, aside from the tests that your vendor performed, you can also use the following site to verify:

Common use of this site is to test those Forward Lock and Combined Delivery content such as images (JPG, GIF) and media formats (WAV, mp3, etc). 

To make a Windows Mobile phone DRM-ready, i.e., be able to recognize DRM content received via MMS, email, or from the web, a specific file system filter driver has to be loaded into the system. This is often done by adding the the filter into the MODULES section of the memory bib file such that it will be loaded into Slot 1 (unless Slot 1 is so crowded that the module overflows into Slot 0), and put required registry values (for registering the filter driver with file system) to BOOT HIVE.







MA DRM specifications can be downloaded from