Installing Complete Version of SharePoint Server 2010 on Windows Client OS

Yes, I successfully installed complete version (not the standalone one) of SP2010 on my Windows 7 laptop. Here is how I did it:

Make sure your Windows client OS is 64-bit and domain joined and you have a domain account with local administrator's privilege. 

I followed most of the instructions from this article:

At the #3 of Step 3, instead of clicking on "Standalone", click on "Server Farm", and selected "Complete" option on the following screen.

After SharePoint 2010 installation is finished, skip the Configuration Wizard and install SQL Server 2008. Here are the tricks for installing SQL 2008:

Now, after rebooting, you can start SharePoint 2010's Configuration Wizard, select create a new farm and give it your SQL server's information. Note, you will need to use your domain account to set up the new farm, and during the configuration processes, SharePoint 2010 Configuration Wizard would need to talk to you domain controllers, so make sure your Windows PC is connected to the domain (I did this via VPN).

Happy playing with a "real" version of SharePoint 2010 on your PC!

Zewei Song, Ph.D.

MCPD, MCTS: .NET 3.5, MOSS AppDev, Configuration

Enterprise Services, Microsoft Corporatio