Accelerate Your Career with Private Cloud

This is an opportunity to advance your IT career with Microsoft private cloud technology and solutions and become the next cloud expert in your organization. So grab a cup of coffee and get set for a fast-paced, demo-heavy day of learning.

We'll start with the fundamentals of virtualization, cover industry trends in private cloud computing, and quickly move on to the architecture, the process, and the operations for building and managing a private cloud. Experienced Windows Server and VMware administrators will learn how to leverage their existing virtualization skills with System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) 2012 and private cloud construction from a service standpoint. The day will wind down with a bonus session presented by your area IT Pro Evangelist to highlight additional important topics, learning roadmap, case studies, etc. on private cloud.

Sessions include:

  • Career Progression: Getting Ready for the Cloud
  • IT Pro's Heaven: Private Cloud
  • From Virtualization to Private Cloud with VMM 2012
  • Becoming the Next Private Cloud Expert Now
  • You've Got a Cloud: Familiar Tools to Manage It
  • Bonus Session and Wrap-Up

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clip_image004[2]New York, NY

clip_image004[3]Oct. 25

clip_image004[4]Iselin, NJ

clip_image004[5]Oct. 27

clip_image004[6]Alpharetta, GA

clip_image004[7]Nov. 3

clip_image004[8]Charlotte, NC

clip_image004[9]Nov. 15

clip_image004[10]Durham, NC

clip_image004[11]Nov. 17

clip_image004[12]Chevy Chase, MD

clip_image004[13]Nov. 29

clip_image004[14]Malvern, PA

clip_image004[15]Dec. 1

clip_image004[16]Tampa, FL

clip_image004[17]Dec. 7

clip_image004[18]Ft. Lauderdale, FL

clip_image004[19]Dec. 9

clip_image004[20]Waltham, MA

clip_image004[21]Dec. 14

clip_image004[22]Cambridge, MA

clip_image004[23]Dec. 16

Events run from 9:00am - 5:00pm

Seating is limited, so register today.