Microsoft Azure SQL Supports Up to 1 TB Databases


Great news on SQL Azure Database. Microsoft has just announced two new Azure SQL Database tier options for standalone databases, P4 and P11. With P11 Azure SQL now supports databases up to 1 TB. This is a significant improvement on the Azure SQL 500 GB database size limit. For applications with less than 1 GB data in the backend, developers can now consider Azure SQL to enjoy many benefits such as automatic backup that the database as a service offers, and don’t have to resort to the option of running SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines.

Also, Elastic Database Pool is now available to developers who want to create multiple, isolated and independent databases on a private pool of dedicate resources. This capability basically offers combined benefits of separate databases, optimized performance and minimized costs.

Reach ScottGu’s blog post to find more detail on the new Azure SQL Capabilities.