Soundtracker Builds Global Geosocial Music Service on Multiple Platforms including Windows Azure and Windows Phone 7

Daniele Calabrese, founder and CEO of Soundtracker, a Microsoft BizSpark One company, discusses with Zhiming Xue the enabling technologies behind their geosocial music service Soundtracker. The free global geosocial internet radio service, which currently supports smartphone and web users with 12 million songs in 10 languages, helps users discover, share and play in real-time their favorite music with friends and anybody nearby. With demos on a Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone, Daniele discusses their mobile-first strategy that focuses on smartphone users, their support for multiple mobile platforms including Windows Phone 7, and several key location aware and social music sharing capabilities of the service. He then explains the high-level architecture for the music service - how Amazon AWS is used to support the infrastructure and Microsoft Windows Azure powers the instant and predictive search function, and how data is managed in the backend and delivered to users. He talks about how HTML5 is used to provide optimized user experience to web users with Microsoft IE 9 and Google Chrome. Finally, Daniele shares their plan to extend the global music service to Windows 8 and XBOX Live users. You can follow Soundtracker at facebook and twitter.

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