When Will WeChat Add Development Support for Windows 10?


WeChat is one of the popular messaging apps. It was initially available on mobile devices only but the developer Tencent has opened up its support for web and PC.

Though WeChat on Windows is a standalone app, not a modern app available from the App store, you can run the app on your Windows 10 desktop. It is available for download at http://www.wechat.com/en/download.html




Using WeChat on Windows

In order to use WeChat on Windows (in my case Windows 10), you will need to confirm from your WeChat account on a mobile device as shown below. WeChat is smart enough to know (as long as the the app is running on the same local network) as soon as you have started the app on Windows.By the same token you can log out from WeChat from the mobile device or by closing the app on Windows.

The Login Screens on Mobile Device



The Login Screens on Windows

image image

Integrating WeChat with your Apps

It’s disappointing to find that WeChat development support for .NET has been removed. Given that Microsoft is preparing to upgrade 1 billion devices to Windows 10, what a significant missed opportunity it would be if WeChat continued its lack of support for Windows.