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WS-Security: New Technologies Help You Make Your Web Services More Secure

Without good security, Web Services will never reach their potential. WS-Security and its associated technologies, the focus of this article, represent the future of security for Web Services. Provided here is an overview of these emerging security standards that explains what they do, how they work, and how they get along together. Topics discussed include integrity and confidentiality and how these are provided by public key cryptography, WS-Security, and more. Some of the key components of WS-Security, such as the wsu namespace, are also covered. David Chappell

Visual Studio .NET: Building Windows Forms Controls and Components with Rich Design-Time Features

Visual Studio .NET provides support for designing rich features into your controls and components, allowing you to set properties, set form placement, inherit from base classes, and much more. So how does Visual Studio .NET do all this? What does the Windows Forms designer do? What's the difference between a control and a component? How does Visual Studio integrate your controls so that they can access features of the .NET Framework?In this article, the authors answer these common questions by building a clock control and taking the reader along for the ride. In building the control, hosts and containers are illustrated, the property browser is explained, debugging is discussed, and a general overview of the design-time infrastructure is presented. Michael Weinhardt and Chris Sells

ASP.NET: Nine Options for Managing Persistent User State in Your ASP.NET Application

ASP.NET provides many different ways to persist data between user requests. You can use the Application object, cookies, hidden fields, the Session or Cache objects, and lots of other methods. Deciding when to use each of these can sometimes be difficult. This article will introduce the aforementioned techniques and present some guidelines on when to use them. Although many of these techniques existed in classic ASP, best practices for when to use them have changed with the introduction of the .NET Framework. To persist data in ASP.NET, you'll have to adjust what you learned previously about handling state in ASP. Steven Smith

ADO.NET: Tackle Data Concurrency Exceptions Using the DataSet Object

ADO.NET provides many techniques for improving the performance of data-intensive applications and for making them easier to build. The DataSet, the hallmark of the ADO.NET object model, serves as a miniature, disconnected facsimile of a data source. While using the DataSet improves performance by reducing expensive trips to the database server, it also introduces the possibility of multiple users attempting to change the same data simultaneously, thereby generating data concurrency exceptions. This article examines the common causes behind data concurrency exceptions and presents techniques for overcoming them. David Burgett

Advanced T-SQL: Automate the Generation of Stored Procedures for Your Database

Design-time automation makes coding faster and ensures that all the procedures generated use the same naming conventions and structure. In an effort to improve their coding efficiency in a large SQL project, the authors wrote a set of design-time stored procedures that generate run-time stored procedures, and have used them in project after project ever since. Recently, the authors updated their procedures to make use of SQL Server 2000 features, including user-defined functions. This article covers the creation and execution of these dynamic T-SQL scripts to automate the coding of common database stored procedures. Peter W. DeBetta and J. Byer Hill

Data Access: Implement a Data Access Layer for Your App with ADO.NET

Implementing data access functionality is a core activity of most developers working with the .NET Framework, and the data access layers they build are an essential part of their applications. This article outlines five ideas to consider when building a data access layer with Visual Studio .NET and the .NET Framework. The tips include taking advantage of object-oriented techniques and the .NET Framework infrastructure by using base classes, making classes easily inheritable by following guidelines, and carefully examining your needs before deciding on a presentation method and external interface. Dan Fox

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Editor's Note: MP3 Playlists with Visual Basic .NET

Although it's been several months since the slammer virus hit SQL Server installations, we'd like to offer a public service announcement for anyone who hasn't patched their machine yet. PATCH YOUR MACHINE NOW! We found out the hard way that it can hit any machine that runs SQL Server and is attached to the network.

New Stuff: Resources for Your Developer Toolbox

TALtech has announced a new version of its Bar Code ActiveX Control for Microsoft® Access, Excel, and Word. This new limited license version is based on TALtech's Bar Code ActiveX® PLUS version, limited for use on up to five workstations.Theresa W. Carey

Web Q&A: Consuming a DataSet in ASP.NET, XML and SQL, and More

Edited by Nancy Michell

Cutting Edge: MyTracer Monitors and Traces ASP.NET Apps

The Microsoft® . NET Framework comes with a rich set of programming tools for debugging and tracing applications. I'm not talking about integrated debuggers; I'm referring to software components that you use in the development cycle.Dino Esposito

The XML Files: Web Services and DataSets

Programmers using Visual Basic® 6. 0 have long bowed to the altar of the ADO recordset. It's probably the most commonly used data structure in Windows®-based applications today. The ADO. NET DataSet is poised to play a similar role in the realm of managed Windows-based applications.Aaron Skonnard

Advanced Basics: Visual Studio .NET 2003 Usage Tips

Ken Spencer

Security Briefs: Exploring S4U Kerberos Extensions in Windows Server 2003

Building Web sites that provide services external to the corporate firewall is tricky. Usually it's not desirable to grant corporate domain accounts to external clients, and from a purely practical standpoint Kerberos does not work well over the Internet due to the typical configuration of client-side firewalls.Keith Brown

Wicked Code: Supporting Database Cache Dependencies in ASP.NET

Developers love the ASP. NET application cache. One reason they love it is that ASP. NET lets them create dependencies between items placed in the cache and files in the file system. If a file targeted by a dependency changes, ASP.Jeff Prosise

C++ Q&A: Desktop Location, sscanf Equivalents in C#, and More

Paul DiLascia

Resource File: ASP.NET Starter Kits

It's a well-known axiom in the world of programming: build the samples and they will come. ASP. NET is well suited for building online storefronts and communities, but a lack of easy-to-use, standardized samples has sometimes slowed adoption.