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Identity: Secure Your ASP.NET Apps And WCF Services With Windows CardSpace

Windows CardSpace replaces traditional authentication with a more consistent and streamlined login process and improves trust between end-users, applications and services. Michèle Leroux Bustamante explains. Michèle Leroux Bustamante

Aero Glass: Create Special Effects With The Desktop Window Manager

In this article we introduce the Desktop Window Manager, the new interface that manages how windows are rendered on the Windows Vista desktop. Ron Fosner

XmlLite: A Small And Fast XML Parser For Native C++

XmlLite provides a high-performance, low-overhead XML reader and writer geared for applications written in native C++. Learn more here. Kenny Kerr

Event Tracing: Improve Debugging And Performance Tuning With ETW

Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) provides general-purpose, high-speed tracing of events raised by both user-mode applications and kernel-mode device drivers. Learn how ETW can improve your development and debugging work. Dr. Insung Park and Ricky Buch

ASP.NET 2.0: Enforce Web Standards For Better Accessibility

Web standards are about much more than closing HTML tags. They are a critical factor in how well software components can be used in future contexts. Ben Waldron

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Editor's Note: Winning Team

Josh Trupin discusses MSDN Magazine's awards from the Society for Technical CommunicationJoshua Trupin

Toolbox: WiX Installation, Creating PowerPoint Decks, and More

The WiX toolset’s use of a command-line environment allows for integration with automated build processes. The Toolbox column explains.Scott Mitchell

CLR Inside Out: New Library Classes in "Orcas"

The next version of Visual Studio currently code-named “Orcas”supports advanced encryption algorithms, Elliptic curve cryptography, big integers, and other security enhancements. The CLR team explains.Mike Downen, Inbar Gazit, and Justin Van Patten

Data Points: Disabling Constraints and Triggers

What to do when you need to disable triggers and constraints to perform data synchronization and other tasks with an offline database.John Papa

Team System: Work Item Tracking

In this column, Brian Randell explains how to build a simple Work Item explorer and demonstrates the core operations needed to add work item support when building your own add-in.Brian A. Randell

Cutting Edge: Subclassing and Overriding ASP.NET Pages—Part I

There are a number of techniques that allow you to modify a running ASP.NET page without touching its source code. Dino discusses some this month.Dino Esposito

Security Briefs: Improve Manageability through Event Logging

When something goes wrong, a manageable application will tell the administrator how to fix the problem. The Windows Event Log can provide the necessary information.Keith Brown

Service Station: WCF Messaging Fundamentals

This month Aaron Skonnard highlights some of the key messaging features behind the sophisticated XML-based messaging framework of Windows Communication Foundation.Aaron Skonnard

Extreme ASP.NET: Web Deployment Projects

ASP.NET 2.0 development is the easiest ASP development yet. Fritz Onion reveals why.Fritz Onion

Foundations: 3D Mesh Geometries

This month Charles Petzold focuses on a very important part of the Viewport3D assemblage—the MeshGeometry3D class that defines the geometry of a 3D object in Windows Communication Foundation.Charles Petzold

.NET Matters: Restart Manager and Generic Method Compilation

This month Stephen Toub answers questions pertaining to the Windows Vista Restart Manager API and generic method compilation.Stephen Toub

Netting C++: Mapping Templates to Generics

In this installment, Stanley Lippman continues to port his ISO-C++ Text Query Language application to the Microsoft .NET Framework and C++/CLI.Stanley Lippman

{ End Bracket }: Geopegging

Josh Trupin introduces geopegging--a special technique for storing GPS location data in a JPG.Joshua Trupin