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ASP.NET: ScriptManager Enables AJAX In Your Web Apps

Learn how to use the ScriptManager control, which provides much of the magic behind ASP.NET AJAX. Ben Rush

Find It: Integrate Search Into Your Site With ASP.NET

We implement search providers for both and SharePoint so you can take advantage of either in your own applications. Marco Bellinaso

Networking: Get Connected With The .NET Framework 3.5

This article covers three core changes to networking support in Visual Studio 2008 and the upcoming release of the .NET Framework. Mariya Atanasova, Larry Cleeton, Mike Flasko, and Amit Paka

IIS 7.0: Extend Your WCF Services Beyond HTTP With WAS

Learn about a new IIS feature called the Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) that makes it possible to host Web services beyond HTTP. Dominick Baier, Christian Weyer, and Steve Maine

Unit Testing: Exploring The Continuum Of Test Doubles

Creating and using mock component servers simplifies unit testing. Use these examples to get started. Mark Seemann

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Editor's Note: Summer in New York

As the thermometer rises, we cool down with a look at AJAX technologies.Joshua Trupin

Toolbox: ASP.NET Controls, FTP, and More

ASP.NET controls, a comprehensive FTP library, rich imaging support, and a book about SQL Server 2005.Scott Mitchell

CLR Inside Out: COM Connection Points

We create an Active Template Library (ATL) connection point server.Thottam R. Sriram

Basic Instincts: Lambda Expressions

Sample the basic concepts of lambda expressions, explore their benefits, and witness how to use them to write more expressive programs.Timothy Ng

Cutting Edge: AJAX Application Architecture, Part 1

In the first of a two-part column, Dino explains AJAX from an architectural standpoint to help developers, architects, designers, and administrators better understand the issues that affect their sites.Dino Esposito

Team System: Work Items and Undo Support

Add support for work items to the Team Foundation Server version control add-in.Brian A. Randell

Foundations: Workflow Communications

Matt Milner introduces the Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) communication architecture and covers sending data out of a workflow and submitting data to running workflow instances.Matt Milner

Security Briefs: Exploring Claims-Based Identity

Keith Brown introduces you to the new identity model in the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0.Keith Brown

.NET Matters: Tales from the CryptoRandom

Stephen Toub and Shawn Farkas discuss creating an adapter that takes the functionality of RNGCryptoServiceProvider and adapts it to the interface of Random.Stephen Toub and Shawn Farkas

{ End Bracket }: Turning the Pages with WPF

The British Library is digitizing some of its collection to reach a broad audience. Even better, the digitized versions are being turned into a rich interactive experience that brings the books to life.Tim Sneath