July 2009

Volume 24 Number 07

July 2009 Code Downloads

Foundations: Securing The .NET Service Bus

This column shows you how to secure the .NET Services Bus and also provides some helper classes and utilities to automate many of the details.
VB version

RESTful XHTML: RESTful Services With ASP.NET MVC

This article describes how to use XHTML and ASP.NET MVC to implement REST services.

Silverlight: Composite Web Apps With Prism

This article reviews the Prism project developed by the Microsoft patterns & practices group and demonstrates how to apply it to composite Web applications using Silverlight.

Test Run: Request-Response Testing With F#

This month we show you how to use F# to perform HTTP request-response testing for ASP.NET Web applications.

Wicked Code: Taking Silverlight Deep Zoom To The Next Level

With the help of Silverlight Deep Zoom and a remarkable control named MultiScaleImage, you can create scenes with many levels of zoom. Jeff Prosise illustrates with what else but the Mandlebrot set.