December 2009

Volume 24 Number 12

December 2009 Code Downloads

December 2009

Data Access: Building a Desktop To-Do Application with NHibernate

Building an NHibernate-based desktop application isn't any harder than building a web application, and in many cases NHibernate simplifies elements of session handling and concurrency.

Generation Test: Automated Unit Tests for Legacy Code with Pex

Creating and maintaining a unit test suite for legacy code can be a challenge. Pex automatically produces a small test suite with high code and assertion coverage.

Team System: Building a Visual Studio Team Explorer Extension

There's no magic behind how the TFS Power Tools were integrated with Team Explorer, and we'll show you how to expose your own custom features inside the Team Explorer window.

Test Run: Pairwise Testing with QICT

In this month's column, James McCaffrey explains exactly what pairwise testing is and provides you with complete C# source code for a production quality pairwise testing tool named QICT.