August 2010

Volume 25 Number 08

August 2010 Code Downloads

In Sync - Creating Synchronization Providers with the Sync Framework

The Sync Framework can be used to build apps that synchronize data from any data store using any protocol over a network. We’ll show you how it works and get you started building a custom sync provider.

OData and AtomPub - Building an AtomPub Server Using WCF Data Services

Learn how to use the AtomPub protocol to pump up your blogs. Chris Sells includes a practical demonstration of mapping so you can expose a standard AtomPub service from a Web site and use Windows Live Writer to provide a rich editing experience against the service.

Test Run - Fault Injection Testing with TestApi

Fault injection testing is the process of deliberately inserting an error into an application to determine whether it deals with the error properly. We’ll explain how you can introduce faults into .NET applications at run time using the Managed Code Fault Injection APIs of the TestApi library

The Working Programmer - Inside SQLite

After tackling NoSQL, Ted Neward turns back to the relational world of SQL—SQLite, that is. Learn all about the lightweight, embedded database whose running footprint can be as small as one file installed in a client file system.

UI Frontiers - Multi-Touch Manipulation Events in WPF

Multi-touch has progressed from being a futuristic prop of sci-fi films to a mainstream means of user interface. We’ll show you how support for multi-touch in Windows 7 has filtered down and settled into various areas of the .NET Framework.