December 2010

Volume 25 Number 12

December 2010 Code Downloads

BDD Primer - Behavior-Driven Development with SpecFlow and WatiN

Behavior-Driven Development techniques let you test and code in the language of your business scenario. We’ll explain how the BDD cycle wraps traditional Test-Driven Development techniques and walk you through an example BDD development cycle for an ASP.NET application.
VB version

Data Points - Profiling Database Activity in the Entity Framework

It’s important to profile your database queries to see what happens in response to Entity Framework queries and other data access activities, says Julie Lerman, who gives you the details on several profiling options to improve you coding.
VB version

Forecast: Cloudy - Pushing Content from SharePoint to Windows Azure Storage

We walk through a sample implementation that lets users selectively push content from SharePoint to Windows Azure Storage, providing links to the new locations and taking into account access control to the files.
VB version

Test Run - Web Application UI Testing with jQuery

Although jQuery was created with Web development in mind, it has several characteristics that make it well-suited for lightweight Web UI test automation. We’ll show you how to build a simple jQuery-based test harness.
VB version

UI Frontiers - Silverlight, Windows Phone 7 and the Multi-Touch Thumb

The versatile, touch-enabled Thumb control is supported by Silverlight on both the Web and Windows Phone 7. We’’ll show you how to create a shared-code project for both platforms that uses Thumb for both mouse and multi-touch input.
VB version

Windows Phone 7 Development - Sudoku for Windows Phone 7

Get started with Windows Phone 7 development with this Silverlight-based game tutorial that demonstrates key concepts such as the Model-View-ViewModel design pattern, serialization, user storage and multiple orientations.
VB version