December 2011

Volume 26 Number 12

December 2011 Code Downloads

December 2011

ALM Rangers - Visual Studio ALM Rangers -- Rise of the VM Factory

The Rangers are back with some ALM guidance about the use of the Virtual Machine Factory, exploring its concepts and advantages.

Building HTML5 Applications - Integrating Geolocation into Web Applications

Much of what the world is calling HTML5 is a set of technologies geared toward making real application development possible on the Web—and geolocation is a great example. Brandon Satrom introduces the Geolocation spec and shows you how to get started using it in your applications.
VB version

Cutting Edge - A Context-Sensitive Progress Bar for ASP.NET MVC

Dino Esposito tackles the issue of reporting the status of remote operations, providing context-sensitive feedback that faithfully represents the status of the operation for a given session.
VB version

Data Points - Handling Entity Framework Validations in WCF Data Services

Windows 8 Metro Style adds yet another UI that can consume OData. Julie Lerman helps you sharpen your OData creation skills with WCF Data Services, Code First and the Entity Framework Validation API.
VB version

Forecast: Cloudy - Completing the Trip with AppFabric Queues

Joseph Fultz completes his store inventory project based on the new features found in the Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus, using a mix of Topics and Queues.
VB version

MVPVM Design Pattern - The Model-View-Presenter-ViewModel Design Pattern for WPF

Bill Kratochvil delves deep into the history of design patterns as he presents the advantages of developing extensible enterprise apps with what he calls the MVPVM pattern, inspired by the Microsoft patterns & practices Prism project.

Sysinternals ProcDump v4.0 - Writing a Plug-in for Sysinternals ProcDump v4.0

Capturing a memory dump of an application is a common troubleshooting tactic, but most dump capture tools give you either too much or too little. Now Sysinternals ProcDump v4.0 let you make the memory inclusion decisions, as Andrew Richards explains.

Test Run - Tabu Algorithms and Maximum Clique

Dr. McCaffrey wraps up his examination of the challenging and mysterious maximum clique problem—often used in social networking scenarios—with an advanced solution called the tabu algorithm.
VB version

UI Frontiers - Video Feeds on Windows Phone 7

While the initial release of Windows Phone included only one camera API, that deficiency has been corrected with two new sets of APIs that Charles uses to have some fun with video.
VB version

Video Encoding - Saving and Reusing Settings for Video Encoding

Here's a simple way to allow video-processing applications to save compressed video using any codec available on the machine, without the need to manually specify the codec settings each time the app is started or used on multiple/remote/embedded machines.