February 2011

Volume 26 Number 02

February 2011 Code Downloads

February 2011

Data Contract Inheritance - Known Types and the Generic Resolver

Developers often struggle with the hassles of data contract inheritance in WCF, a problem called known types. We'll explain the origin of the problem, then show you how to eliminate the problem altogether with the generic resolver.
VB version

Data Points - Slice and Dice OData with the jQuery DataTables Plug-In

OData lets you access data over the Web through simple HTTP commands. We’ll show you how the jQuery DataTables plug-in along with the Microsoft .NET Framework and Silverlight OData client libraries let you retrieve and display this data quickly, easily and with style.
VB version

Dynamic Data - Pattern Matching Database Records with F#

When migrating data from other sources into a single database used by your app, you'll probably have to employ some matching and de-duplication processes to end up with a useful data store. We'll show you four different matching algorithms and the F# code to implement them.

Team Foundation Server - Visual Studio TFS Branching and Merging Guidance

Learn firsthand from members of one of Microsoft’s expert “Ranger” teams how best to handle software development branching with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.

UI Frontiers - Sound Recording in Windows Phone 7

Stripping down the UI to essentials is important when programming for a smartphone. We'll see just how stripped down an app can get while still being useful, and we'll explore the sound recording APIs in Windows Phone 7 along the way.
VB version

Windows Workflow - Securing WF 4 Workflow Services

We explain various security options for different workflow hosts, including a discussion of the Workflow Security Pack project and how its collection of activities can be used to bring end-to-end security to workflow solutions.
VB version