July 2011

Volume 26 Number 06

July 2011 Code Downloads

July 2011

ASP.NET WebGrid - Get the Most out of WebGrid in ASP.NET MVC

Along with the recent WebMatrix release there are a set of productivity helpers including WebGrid and Chart. WebGrid provides a productive way to render tabular data. This article will show the productivity benefits of the WebGrid and to present a few key pointers for effectively working with WebGrid for ASP.NET MVC developers.
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SharePoint Development - Build Workflow Solutions for SharePoint Online

In this follow-up to his March article, Chris Mayo illustrates workflow support in SharePoint Online by extending the purchasing solution to include a workflow solution, then extending the workflow with a custom workflow action developed with Visual Studio.

Windows PowerShell with WPF - Secrets to Building a WPF Application in Windows PowerShell

Is it a command-line interface, a scripting language or an API? Windows PowerShell is all three, says Doug Finke, who shows you how to tweak Windows PowerShell to build a net present value calculator presented in classic Windows Presentation Foundation GUI style. Special bonus: Windows PowerShell creator Jeffrey Snover weighs in on the Ad Hoc development model and origin of the language.

Mobile Matters - Make Money with the Microsoft Ad Control

Even if you’re just a hobbyist Windows Phone 7 developer producing free apps, the easy-to-use (and free) Microsoft Ad Control lets you monetize your apps with automatic embedded advertising. See just how easy it is to get started.
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Silverlight Localization - Tips and Tricks for Loading Silverlight Locale Resources, Part 2

Building on the March article, we present a solution that integrates server-side components to generate .resx files on demand from a database and embed those .resx files in .xap files, which are then streamed to the client.
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UI Frontiers - Page Transitions in Windows Phone 7

For the most fluid page transitions in an e-book, the user interface needs to support three distinct pages—the current page, the next page, and the previous page. Charles Petzold describes a flexible way to implement this using three different page transitions.
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