June 2011

Volume 26 Number 06

June 2011 Code Downloads

June 2011

Agile C++ - Agile C++ Development and Testing with Visual Studio and TFS

One aspect of Agile development includes writing automated tests, but that gets complicated when your project mixes C# and C++ code. We'll show you how one team at Microsoft uses Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server to streamline native and managed development.

Debugger Engine API - Writing a Debugging Tools for Windows Extension, Part 3: Clients and Callbacks

In this third article of a series we delve deeper into the relationship between a debugger extension and the debugger, examining the architecture of debugger clients and debugger callbacks.

Forecast: Cloudy - Multi-Platform Microsoft Azure Storage

Microsoft Azure is far from a single-platform environment. To demonstrate its power, we'll build the same app for three different mobile devices: Windows Phone 7, jQuery and Android.
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StreamInsight - Master Large Data Streams with Microsoft StreamInsight

Analyzing and responding to information in large, near real-time streams of data is crucial to many businesses, but traditionally it's been difficult to perform historical and real time queries using the same toolsets and query languages. We'll show you how StreamInsight changes that.
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Test Run - Curved Lines for Bing Maps AJAX

This month’s dual-purpose column provides a walkthrough of a JavaScript function to draw a Bezier curve on a Bing Maps AJAX map control along with guidelines for testing a nontrivial JavaScript function.

UI Frontiers - Principles of Pagination

E-book readers are simple, right? Just render some text and a way you go. Well, maybe it's not that simple after all. We start building an e-book reader for Windows Phone 7 by investigating the mechanism behind paginating the text.
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Windows Phone 7 - Sterling for Isolated Storage on Windows Phone 7

Learn how to leverage the Sterling open source database library to persist and query data locally in Windows Phone 7 apps with minimal effort, along with a simple strategy for managing state when an application is deactivated upon a user switching to another application.
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