May 2011

Volume 26 Number 05

May 2011 Code Downloads

May 2011

Debugger Engine API - Writing a Debugging Tools for Windows Extension, Part 2: Output

Continuing to work on his Debugger Engine extension, Andrew Richards shows you how to avoid all the dangerous traps you might find as you enhance the tool’s output.

Location-Aware Programming - Visualizing Bing Routes on Windows Phone 7

Learn how to bring location-aware features into your Windows Phone 7 applications and visualize routes and locations in different ways as you build an app that shows you the location of nearby restaurants.
VB version

Test Run - Super-Simple Mutation Testing

Mutation testing is known for being difficult and expensive, but we’re here to show you a real-world system you can build in just a few hours with a little C# code and Visual Studio.
VB version

UI Frontiers - Silverlight Printing Basics

Get a handle on the nuts and bolts of adding printing capabilities to your Silverlight apps as Charles walks through programs to print an ellipse, an image and a calendar.
VB version

Web Migration - Moving Your Web App from WebMatrix to ASP.NET MVC 3

The Web Pages page-centric programming model supported by WebMatrix is a great way to get Web apps up and running. If you later decide that embracing ASP.NET MVC would give you more flexibility, you're covered. We’ll explain why you might choose to migrate and show you how to do it.
VB version

Windows API Wait Functions - DynWaitList: ID-Based Windows Event Multiplexing

Event signals are identified by indexes into an array of object handles, which is problematic with dynamic arrays where events are added or removed from the middle of the list. Here’s a container class to solve the problem.