April 2015 Code Downloads

Azure Insider - Event Hubs for Analytics and Visualization

When dealing with massive stores and sources of data, you need advanced data analytics and visualization techniques to get the most out of that data. This sample project will show you how to do just that.

Data Points - EF6 Code First Migrations for Multiple Models

The new support for Code First Migrations in Entity Framework 6 makes it easier to store data for multiple models in a single database. But that support may not be what you imagine. Julie Lerman explains what this feature does and doesn’t do, and how to use it.
VB version

Microsoft Azure - Automate Creating, Developing and Deploying Azure Websites

Enable your Azure Website with continuous and automated deployment and authentication for all types of different environments.
VB version

Microsoft Azure - Azure Notification Hubs: Best Practices for Managing Devices

Sara Silva explores the best practices for sending cross-platform and customized push notifications using Azure Notification Hubs and shows how they are integrated into Azure Mobile Services.

OData - Visualize Streaming Data the Easy Way with OData

Louis Ross explores the use of OData for exposing near-real-time time-series streaming data, and demonstrates a sample implementation of an industrial automation time-sequence data streaming capability that uses an OData service.
VB version

Test Run - Multi-Class Logistic Regression Classification

James McCaffrey explains how standard logistic regression classification can be extended using multi-class logistic regression, which allows the variable to predict to have three or more values.
VB version