August 2015

Volume 30 Number 8

August 2015 Code Downloads

Cloud Development - Azure Mobile Services: A Great Back End for AngularJS

If you want to use AngularJS on your front end, you don’t have to abandon the Microsoft stack on the back end. Azure Mobile Services integrates with AngularJS seamlessly, as Jonathan Miller explains.
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Cloud-Connected Mobile Apps - Create a Web Service with Azure Web Apps and WebJobs

In the first part of a two-part article, the authors explore some of the issues involved in creating a cloud backend that aggregates and processes data and serves it to mobile clients.

Test Run - K-Means++ Data Clustering

Clustering is useful for revealing patterns in huge sets of data. One of the most common clustering techniques is the k-means algorithm. This article explains a relatively recent variation called k-means++, which improves the selection of initial means.
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Windows 10 - Modern Drag and Drop for Windows Universal Applications

Modern drag and drop offers new possibilities, such as various options to customize the visual feedback. Learn how to implement drag and drop in XAML applications and leverage the new features, to offer a rich user experience without impacting application responsiveness.
VB version (no longer available)