July 2015 Code Downloads

Data Points - Exploring Entity Framework Behavior at the Command Line with Scriptcs

Julie Lerman learns how to explore Entity Framework behavior interactively using Scriptcs.

Google Analytics - Analyze User Behavior in Your Windows/Windows Phone App with Google Analytics

Find out how your customers are really using your Windows or Windows Phone app with Google Analytics. Collect and analyze telemetry data to discover useful information like app installed versions, usage geographic distribution and user behaviors.

R Programming Language - Introduction to R for C# Programmers

In this era of data acquisition and analysis, it makes sense to add a language for statistical computing to your toolbox. R is one such language and James McCaffrey helps C# programmers get up to speed.
VB version

Test Run - Linear Regression Using C#

There aren’t many examples of how to perform linear regression using a programming language on the Internet. James McCaffrey explains how to do this using C#.
VB version