November 2015

Volume 30 Number 12

November 2015 Code Downloads

ASP.NET - Use ASP.NET as a High-Performance File Downloader

Learn how to package and deploy your APIs with integrated live code analysis powered by the .NET Compiler Platform.
VB version

Asynchronous Programming - Async from the Start

Recent versions of .NET make it easier than ever to write responsive, high-performance applications via the async and await keywords. Learn how, as Mark Sowul takes the default UI startup code for Windows Forms and WPF and transforms it into an object-oriented design with support for async and await.
VB version

Test Run - The T-Test Using C#

James McCaffrey examines linear discriminate analysis--one of the oldest approaches to solving binary classification problems--and concludes that while the math is elegant, other algorithms may be more practical.
VB version