October 2015

Volume 30 Number 10

October 2015 Code Downloads

C# - A Split-and-Merge Expression Parser in C#

Vassili Kaplan presents a C# implementation of the split-and-merge algorithm for parsing a string containing a mathematical expression. This algorithm represents an alternative to Dijkstra's algorithm, published more than half a century ago.
VB version

Code Analysis - Build and Deploy Libraries with Integrated Roslyn Code Analysis to NuGet

Learn how to package and deploy your APIs with integrated live code analysis powered by the .NET Compiler Platform.
VB version

Microsoft Band - Develop a Windows 10 App with the Microsoft Band SDK

Microsoft Band provides powerful SDKs and community support for multiple platforms—Windows, Android and iOS. In this article, Kevin Ashley shows you how to build an app using the Microsoft Band SDK for Windows 10.

Test Run - Linear Discriminate Analysis Using C#

James McCaffrey examines linear discriminate analysis--one of the oldest approaches to solving binary classification problems--and concludes that while the math is elegant, other algorithms may be more practical.
VB version