February 2018

Volume 33 Number 2

February 2018 Code Downloads

Azure - Event-Driven Architecture in the Cloud with Azure Event Grid

Event Grid is a new, fully-managed service in Azure that unlocks unique and new messaging patterns in the cloud and beyond. The article explains the fundamentals of Azure Event Grid, how it fits into the serverless landscape, and unleashes a new set of possibilities for applications and services.

C# - Writing Native Mobile Apps Using a Customizable Scripting Language

Vassili Kaplan discovered that a custom, and customizable, scripting language can provide great advantages for creating cross-platform mobile apps. In this article he shows you how to use his Customizable Scripting in C# to program for mobile devices.

Data Points - Creating Azure Functions That Can Read from Cosmos DB with Almost No Code

In the third column in this series, Julie Lerman shows you how to create the Azure functions that will respond to a request to retrieve two sets of score data from users playing the CookieBinge game locally and around the world.

Machine Learning - Deep Neural Network Classifiers Using CNTK

The Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit library is a powerful set of functions that allows you to create machine learning prediction systems. In this article James McCaffrey explains how to use CNTK to make a deep neural network classifier.

Test Run - Thompson Sampling Using C#

Thompson sampling is a clever algorithm that can help you estimate the relative effectiveness of a number of different possible choices. James McCaffrey explains how it works.