May 2018

Volume 33 Number 5

May 2018 Code Downloads

Artificially Intelligent - Text Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is the process of computationally classifying and categorizing opinions expressed in text to determine whether the attitude expressed within demonstrates a positive, negative, or neutral tone. Frank La Vigne shows how machine learning can be used to analyze large flows of real-time content from Twitter.

Security - Detect and Respond to Rooted Android Devices from Xamarin Apps

Xamarin.Android apps need to detect and respond to rooted devices in many ways. Joe Sewell explains how Visual Studio can now give your Xamarin.Android apps this capability, without you needing to write your own detection code,

Universal Windows Platform - Building Connected Apps with UWP and Project Rome

Project Rome is an initiative to help you drive user engagement across apps and devices. Tony Champion demonstrates how to take advantage of such capabilities by building a team messaging app.

Universal Windows Platform - Closing UWP-Win32 Gaps

One of the long-term strategies with UWP is to close the gaps with earlier app technologies—and especially Win32—so that UWP is a viable option for more and more different app types over time. With the introduction of support for true multi-instancing, console UWP apps, and broader file-system access, three more large steps on that journey have been taken.