October 2018

Volume 33 Number 10

October 2018 Code Downloads

Cutting Edge - Blazor at Work: Events, Binding and Composition

The UI of a Blazor application is made of HTML and CSS bound to JSON data and glued together by C# and JavaScript code.

Data Points - Logging SQL and Change-Tracking Events in EF Core

Julie Lerman introduces you to the new logging APIs in .NET Core, concentrating on SQL and change-tracking events, with a focus on providers that output to the console and the debugger.

GPU Programming - Face Detection Using the Eigenfaces Algorithm on the GPU

GPUs are ideally suited for data-parallel computation tasks that are computationally intensive, such as face detection in images. Kishore Mulchandani demonstrates the use of the GPU in detecting areas representing faces in a photograph using the eigenfaces algorithm.

Test Run - Sentiment Analysis Using CNTK

Creating a custom sentiment analysis model is challenging, but it becomes feasible with the help of the Microsoft CNTK library. James McCaffrey presents a demo program that gives you all the information you need to get started on a production-quality system.

Xamarin - Augmented Reality in Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin.Forms has emerged as a valuable resource for reusing UI code and assets in enterprise development. Now Rajeev K R shows how these same benefits can be brought to augmented reality.