September 2018

Volume 33 Number 9

September 2018 Code Downloads

Azure - Managing Event Delivery with Azure Event Grid

David Barkol follows his February 2018 article that introduced Event Grid by delving into how events are delivered and exploring the options for retry policies, invalid events and events that aren’t successfully delivered.

Cutting Edge - Never Mind JavaScript, Here’s Blazor

Blazor is an experimental framework for building .NET-based single page applications for the Web that run in the browser through WebAssembly. Learn how this promising approach could make a lot of developers forget all about JavaScript.

Web Development - C# in the Browser with Blazor

Blazor is the new Microsoft experimental framework that brings C# into any browser without a plug-in. But an application in a browser isn’t all that useful unless it can access external data and services, so you'll learn how a Blazor app can call freely available Web services on the Web.