August 2019

Volume 34 Number 8

August 2019 Code Downloads

.NET Core - Cross-Platform IoT Programming with .NET Core 3.0

.NET Core 3.0 offers a raft of exciting features, including support for cross-platform IoT apps. Dawid Borycki shows how Web developers can use their existing skills to create compelling IoT apps, by showing how to remotely control and get sensor readings from a Raspberry Pi with the SenseHAT add-on, using a standard ASP.NET Core Web API service.

Azure DevOps - Introducing Azure Deployment Manager

Azure Deployment Manager is a new set of features for Azure Resource Manager that provides improved monitoring, control, and management of distributed Azure deployments. David Tepper explores how ADM can produce safe, reliable deployments and yield high availability for your environment.

Data Points - Cross-Platform EF6 with .NET Core 3.0!

Even if you don’t want to mess with your stable Entity framework 6 production code, you might like to port it from .NET to .NET Core 3.0 to take advantage of the many benefits of .NET Core -- especially its cross-platform talents. To demonstrate, Julie Lerman creates a new ASP.NET Core 3.0 API with EF6.3 on her MacBook, in macOS, using Visual Studio Code, and then deploys it to a Linux-based Docker container.

Test Run - The UCB1 Algorithm for Multi-Armed Bandit Problems

The multi-armed bandit scenario corresponds to many real-life problems where you have to choose among multiple possibilities. James McCaffrey presents a demo program that shows how to use the mathematically sophisticated but relatively easy to implement UCB1 algorithm to solve these types of problems.