September 2019

Volume 34 Number 9

September 2019 Code Downloads

.NET Development - Expression Trees in Visual Basic and C#

.NET expression trees can be used to model code operations. This article explores expression trees, their uses, and how to create and modify them in both Visual Basic .NET and C#.

Cutting Edge - Streaming Methods in ASP.NET Core gRPC Services

gRPC is not limited to classic request/response unary methods. As this article shows, in gRPC you can use streaming methods to send and receive data piecemeal. The article also shows how to integrate SignalR Core in the client solution for quick notification to the user interface.

F# - Do It All with F# on .NET Core

Phillip Carter describes the basics of using F# on .NET Core and then walks though some of its more advanced capabilities, including how you can use the .NET CLI to create a console application and library project on any OS. He finishes with a brief overview of some technologies you can use to build Web services with F#, and shows an example using one of these technologies.

Quantum Computing - Quantum Messaging with Q# and Blazor

Build an MVVM based Blazor app that leverages Q# and quantum entanglement to instantly transfer half a message across potentially vast distances, while eliminating the risk of eavesdropping.