MSDN Flash - Volume 21, Number 11: May 30, 2017

Top News Worldwide

How to: Run Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi and develop applications for it using C#

Angular: MSDN Magazine takes an in-depth look at Angular (and why it’s worth the effort)

Microsoft Virtual Academy: Get answers to the most common Python questions

Training: Charles Petzold explains how to include SkiaSharp graphics in Xamarin.Forms apps

Office dev: How to monetize with Office apps and add-ins
The guidance on being effective when “going to market” is focused on people developing add-ins and apps for Office. In this blog post, you will get advice on strategies for making money with your apps and add-ins.

How to: Using C++ coroutines with Boost C++ libraries
The Visual C++ blog looks at how you can use coroutines with components of Boost C++ libraries – in particular, boost::future and boost::asio.

Free training: A developer’s guide to the Desktop Bridge
Learn about the Desktop Bridge, a set of technologies that enables you to bring your existing Windows desktop applications to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and Windows Store. Modernize your software, solve UX challenges, simplify deployment, and get greater reach for your apps and games.

Announcing: Updated SharePoint Framework developer training
Updated training for the SharePoint Framework is now available. Whether you are looking to get started with SharePoint development, educate your team, or re-use content in your curriculum, you can start working with our SharePoint Framework training. Learn more.

Download: .NET Core 2.0 Preview is now available
You can now download .NET Core 2.0 Preview. It supports .NET Standard 2.0, which defines a uniform set of APIs for all .NET platforms so developers can write once and run on multiple .NET runtimes including .NET Framework, .NET Core, Xamarin, and Universal Windows Platform.

IoT in real life: Building a big data platform for a Smart City solution
This technical case study details how developers built a big data IoT platform for data-driven operation of a smart city. Follow the architectural diagrams and code snippets to learn how the team built a platform that can collect data from hundreds of thousands of devices in real time.

Webcast series: Developer Productivity Toolbox
Register to watch this on-demand series and dive into app development with Visual Studio 2017 and Azure. Learn about responding faster with DevOps in Visual Studio Team Services, using PHP with Microsoft Azure, and more.

Tips for building tests with EF Core and its InMemory provider
The new EF Core InMemory provider can prove useful when your tests don’t require actual database interaction. Julie Lerman provides an introduction to this handy tool and shares some tips for creating automated tests with EF Core.

IoT and retail: Blue Dynamic bridges the gap between online and in-store
Learn how Microsoft teamed up with agency Blue Dynamic for an IoT hackfest to help create amazing in-store shopping experiences. And check out the source code and video from Build.


Envision, design, accelerate: Get live training and take your projects further
Through June 22, 2017, nationwide and online
From apps that think and sense to solutions that predict and evolve, Microsoft Azure helps you tap into the innovations that are defining the future – and the present. Check out these in-depth live sessions on a variety of topics at an event near you.

Live and in person: Training for developers interested in machine learning
June 27, 2017, nationwide
Microsoft will be hosting free, hands-on Data Camp training sessions at Microsoft Training Centers. Find an event in a city near you. Sessions are filling up quickly so register now to reserve a spot.


On-demand training: Building Azure Mobile Apps
In the final part of this four-part series from Wintellect and Microsoft, you get a basic overview of Azure Mobile Apps and how to get started creating them. Learn how this simplifies the process of building rich mobile apps that support authentication, authorization, offline operation, push notifications, and more.


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