Microsoft Developer Newsletter - Volume 22, Number 16: August 9, 2018

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5 tips for working with CSS

What’s new in ASP.NET Core 2.1

8 reasons to upgrade to Visual Studio 2017

TypeScript 3.0 is now available: Here’s what’s new and how to get it

Getting started with IoT: How to handle all that data
Once your IoT devices are deployed, they need somewhere to send the data they collect. Different types of information should be handled in different ways. Learn about the four general categories of messages to be sent, options for handling data, and how Azure IoT Hub can help.

Introduction to Q-Learning using C#
In machine learning, reinforcement learning (RL) can be used to tackle problems that lack explicit training data. Find out how to use Q-learning to solve RL problems when you can safely train a system with many trials, such as training an industrial robot how to perform a task.

Blockchain: Learn how transaction hash chains work
The transaction hash chain data structure allows you to track digital asset ownership. Take an in-depth look at how transaction hash chains work, learn about the role of the transaction pool, and explore potential vulnerabilities.

A guide to using the Custom Vision Service
Get an introduction to the Custom Vision Service in Azure. Discover how you can use a simple UI to create, train, and refine complex visual models that can detect specific visual characteristics in images.

Get started with unit testing in Visual Studio 2017
Find out why you should do unit testing and explore the latest unit testing tools available in Visual Studio 2017. Learn about testing performance improvements and watch demos of handy features, including Hierarchy View, Live Unit Testing, and IntelliTest.

Data breakpoints in Visual Studio 2017 15.8
Until now, data breakpoints could only be set via the Breakpoints window. But with Visual Studio 2017 version 15.8, you can now set data breakpoints from within the Locals, Autos, Watch, and Quickwatch windows. Get details on how to use data breakpoints with this new approach.

Easily add advanced UI controls to your iOS apps
Syncfusion offers tools that simplify development by providing advanced controls, charts, and other UI elements that you can easily incorporate into your projects. Watch a demonstration of Essential Studio for Xamarin to see how you can add polished controls to your Xamarin.iOS apps.


.NET Conf 2018 
September 12–14, 2018
Save the date. The .NET Conf is a free, 3-day virtual event for all developers, of all levels, working on all sorts of platforms. Participate in live sessions featuring experts from .NET product teams and get answers to your questions.

Microsoft Ignite 
September 24‒28, 2018, Orlando, FL
Explore the latest in cloud technology, collaboration tools, and productivity at Microsoft Ignite. Register to attend and connect with the experts who build and support the tech you use every day.


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