Microsoft Developer Newsletter - Volume 22, Number 17: August 22, 2018

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Now available: Find out what’s new in Visual Studio 2017 version 15.8

How to: Enhance your web apps with social-style notifications using ASP.NET Core SignalR

Free tool: Find out if your Windows applications are ready for .NET Core 3.0

Microsoft Ignite 2018 will feature more developer-focused content

An overview of .NET Standard and Xamarin.Forms for.NET developers
Xamarin.Forms uses .NET Standard to provide cross-platform compatibility. This video explores a Xamarin.Forms app and demonstrates how your experience as a .NET developer can help you get started with native iOS and Android development using Xamarin, C#, and XAML.

Azure Cosmos DB JavaScript SDK 2.0 RC is now in public preview
The version 2.0 release candidate of the JavaScript SDK for SQL API is now in public preview. It features a redesigned object model with new classes, as well as full support for promises. Get details about what has changed, read the quick start guide, and try the new SDK.

IEEE programming language rankings 2018
The latest IEEE Spectrum ranking of top programming languages is now available. Find out which language is most popular and see where your language of choice ranks in popularity.

Learn how to create mixed reality experiences with Microsoft Fluent Design
Delve into mixed reality applications in the latest issue of MSDN Magazine. Explore use cases and get the steps to build mixed reality UI components based on Fluent Design principles when using the Mixed Reality Toolkit and HoloLens.

Deep dive into Entity Framework Core HasData seeding
Entity Framework Core 2.1 offers a new mechanism for seeding data. It’s quite different and a nice improvement over the workflow that existed in earlier versions of Entity Framework.

New update: Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Azure
Get the updated Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Azure. The new version includes practical real-world scenarios, a handy reference architecture, and new sections on IoT, DevOps, and artificial intelligence.

C++ development with Docker containers in Visual Studio Code
Containers let you package an app with all the parts it needs, including libraries and other dependencies. This is useful for C++ cross-platform development. Read a step-by-step walkthrough of how to build Docker images, start Docker containers, and run C++ programs in a container.

Watch on-demand sessions from Microsoft Business Applications Summit
Watch Microsoft Business Applications Summit breakout sessions, workshops, and keynotes online. Learn tips for making the most of Microsoft Dynamics 365, explore emerging areas like bots and machine learning, and get a sneak peek into product roadmaps.


.NET Conf 2018 – streaming live to a device near you 
September 12–14, 2018, online
The .NET Conf is a free, three-day virtual event for developers of all levels who work on a wide variety of platforms. Watch the keynote, get the latest scoop from the people who build .NET, and find out where .NET is headed in the future.


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