Microsoft Developer Newsletter - Volume 22, Number 23: November 14, 2018

Top News Worldwide

What to expect in C# 8.0

Get a preview of UX and UI changes in Visual Studio 2019

Java in Visual Studio Code: AI-assisted coding and other new features

Microsoft Connect(); 2018: Stream live keynotes, demos, and coding sessions (December 4, 2018)

How to: Test Angular applicationsa
Get an in-depth explanation of techniques for testing your Angular applications, ensuring everything works as expected, from classes and properties to services and visual components.

Publishing options for .NET Core
Explore publishing options for your .NET Core applications. Learn about two options that ship out of the box (framework-dependent deployments and self-contained deployments) and a third option, still in development, that generates native binaries from .NET Core-based code.

Now available: New features for data science with Python in Visual Studio Code
New data science features are now available in the Python extension for Visual Studio Code. Discover how the latest Python extension lets you explore data, experiment with ideas, and import Jupyter Notebooks into Python code.

Announcing Windows Community Toolkit 5.0
Get details about the latest update to the Windows Community Toolkit, including the new WindowsXamlHost control, wrapped UWP controls, and the UWP TabView control.

How the US Olympic Diving Team uses machine learning and IoT
Discover how Olympic athletes are using sensor telemetry and machine learning to improve their performance. MSDN Magazine takes a detailed look at how Microsoft partnered with the US Olympic Diving Team to use sensor data, Vision AI, and synced video to analyze diving mechanics.

Get started developing hybrid applications with Azure Stack
Find out how Azure Stack enables you to build hybrid apps, learn about resources to help you start developing your own hybrid applications, and download the Azure Stack Developer Kit.

C++17: Updates to Standard Library algorithms
C++ 2017 includes new algorithms and updates to some of the existing algorithms. Get an overview of what's new and what’s changed.

Intro to the ML.NET Library
Learn about the ML.NET library, an open-source collection of machine learning code that integrates seamlessly into .NET applications. Step through a sample application that uses a logistic regression approach to binary classification in order to better understand the ML.NET library.

New in App Studio: Create a Teams bot in a single click
Learn about new features and updates in App Studio that make it even easier to build high-quality apps on the Teams platform. See how to create a bot in a single click and learn about UI improvements for creating and editing cards.


Live webinar: IoT Is Smart for Your Buildings 
November 29, 2018, online
Learn about Azure Digital Twins, the new Azure IoT platform for spatial intelligence, and discover some of the exciting possibilities when IoT is applied to buildings. Improve building operations, save money, and find new business opportunities.

Live webinar: Government Digital Summit 
December 5, 2018, online
Join for this live, virtual event to learn how state and local government agencies are using modern technologies, such as artificial intelligence and IoT, to improve operations and provide better services.


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