Microsoft Developer Newsletter - Volume 23, Number 1: January 9, 2019

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Try Visual Studio 2019 in a preconfigured Azure virtual machine

Get best practices for user interface test automation

Python on Azure: How to build Django apps with Visual Studio Code

Top 3 free resources for developers learning Azure

Introduction to PyTorch on Windows
Get an overview of PyTorch, a neural network library that is quite different from other popular libraries, and step through a demo to get started with PyTorch.

Quantum programming: A Q# wish list for the new year
Learn about Q#, Microsoft’s quantum programming language, explore some of the ways to get started with this language, and find out what Microsoft wants to achieve with Q# in the future.

Machine learning through probabilistic programming
Discover how Infer.NET makes it easier to implement probabilistic programming to build statistical models for solving machine learning problems.

High-performance IO with System.IO.Pipelines
Watch an overview of System.IO.Pipelines with demos on how to use the API. Understand the rationale for System.IO.Pipelines, get a comparison between Pipes and Streams, and find out how to get started with Pipelines.

Leveraging the Beliefs-Desires-Intentions agent architecture
Explore the Beliefs-Desires-Intentions agent architecture and learn how to apply it to a real-life scenario, such as implementing a Travel Assistant Agent in C#.

Out-of-process debugger for C++ in Visual Studio 2019
Visual Studio 2019 Preview 1 introduces an improved debugger for C++ that uses an external 64-bit process for hosting memory-intensive components. Find out how this helps resolve memory-related issues while debugging C++ applications.

How to: Run your first Docker container in Azure
Discover how easy it is to get started running your first container in Azure.

Integrate Universal Windows Platform components into Win32 applications
Learn about XAML Islands and how this technology lets you integrate UI components from the Universal Windows Platform into existing Win32 applications.

Self-organizing maps using C#
Delve into self-organizing maps (SOMs) to discover how this relatively simple machine learning technique can provide useful insights into your data. Understand how they work and why you should consider a custom SOM rather than an off-the-shelf solution.

A better way to build Visual Studio extensions
Learn about Extensibility Essentials and how it provides an easier way to create and deliver extensions.

The biggest IoT stories of 2018
The Microsoft Internet of Things blog takes a look back at 2018. Find out what topics drove the most interest and get a glimpse of what’s coming for IoT in the near future.


Microsoft Ignite: The Tour 
February 4–5, 2019, Washington, DC
Attend a free technical training event in Washington, D.C. Explore the latest developer tools and cloud technologies, interact with other developers and tech professionals, gain practical insights, and learn best practices.

IoT in Action Virtual Bootcamp 
February 4‒5, 2019, online
Gain a better understanding of IoT ‒ from device to cloud ‒ and accelerate IoT development in your organization. Register for this online event to get training, watch demos, and participate in hands-on labs.

Microsoft Business Applications Summit 
June 10‒11, 2019, Atlanta, GA
Register for this event for analysts, technical architects, and advanced users. Delve deeper into the tools you use every day, get a sneak peek at what’s next, connect with experts, and learn new skills.


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