Microsoft Developer Newsletter - Volume 23, Number 2: January 23, 2019

Top News Worldwide

How to: Use the Azure Blockchain Development Kit for mobile apps

Introducing XAML Studio: A faster way to prototype UIs and debug markup in real time

New series: Visual Studio for Mac Tips and Tricks

Service meshes: What they are and when you need them

Quantum programming: A Q# wish list for the new year
Learn about Q#, Microsoft’s quantum programming language, explore some of the ways to get started with this language, and find out what Microsoft wants to achieve with Q# in the future.

Exploring the Naked Objects Framework
Sometimes the speed with which an app can be generated is more important than how nice it looks. Learn about the Naked Objects Framework, which follows the idea that sometimes a developer should focus solely on the business domain – letting users work with the objects directly (in their natural state).

Visual Studio Code tips and tricks
Learn about useful customizations, delve into powerful editing and source code control features, download the keyboard shortcut reference sheet, and discover other tips for becoming a Visual Studio Code power user.

Get to know Azure SQL Database Hyperscale
Learn about Azure SQL Database Hyperscale, a new architecture that provides full compatibility with previous generations of SQL engines.

New: Team Retrospectives for Azure DevOps
Get the free Team Retrospectives extension for Azure DevOps. It helps you collect feedback on project milestones, prioritize, and track actionable tasks to help your team learn from experience and improve over time.

How to: Use the Windows Background Intelligent Transfer Service from your .NET applications
Get a complete overview of how to use the Windows Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) from C# and other .NET applications to download files and data from the internet. See how BITS will handle network outages, roaming issues, and notifications.

Getting started with the EF Core Cosmos DB provider preview
Take a look at the Cosmos DB provider preview in EF Core and learn some of the basics, such as getting the provider into your solution, having EF Core create the Cosmos DB database, and storing data into a collection.

Working with template-based components in Blazor
This article from MSDN Magazine steps you through an example to demonstrate working with template-based components in Blazor applications.

Getting started with the EF Core Cosmos DB provider preview
Take a look at the Cosmos DB provider preview in EF Core and learn some of the basics, such as getting the provider into your solution, having EF Core create the Cosmos DB database, and storing data into a collection.


Bot in a Day Workshop 

January 24, 2019, Chicago, IL
January 24, 2019, Irving, TX
January 24, 2019, Irvine, CA

Bot in a Day consists of an overview of bots and AI in the morning, followed by an afternoon of lab-style exercises where attendees will build their own bots with the help of our experts.

Cloud Immersion Experience: Azure Databricks and Spark 

January 24, 2019, Bellevue, WA
January 24, 2019, New York, NY
January 26, 2019, Denver, CO
January 28, 2019, Malvern, PA
January 29, 2019, Chicago, IL
January 29, 2019, Irving, TX
January 29, 2019, San Francisco
January 30, 2019, Alpharetta, GA
January 30, 2019, Detroit, MI
January 30, 2019, St. Louis, MO
January 31, 2019, Edina, MN
January 31, 2019, Houston, TX

Get your hands on loading data, connecting to Azure Blob Storage, Structured Streaming, Spark SQL, connecting to SQL Data Warehouse, Databricks optimizations, Machine Learning in Azure Databricks, and more.

Cloud Immersion Experience: Kubernetes in Action on Azure 

February 6, 2019, Alpharetta, GA
February 6, 2019, Detroit, MI
February 6, 2019, Irvine, CA
February 6, 2019, St. Louis, MO
February 7, 2019, Reston, VA
February 7, 2019, San Francisco, CA
February 12, 2019, Burlington, MA
February 12, 2019, Chicago, IL
February 12, 2019, Irving, TX
February 12, 2019, Sunnyvale, CA
February 13, 2019, Denver, CO
February 13, 2019, Malvern, PA
February 15, 2019, Bellevue, WA
February 15, 2019, Edina, MN
February 15, 2019, Houston, TX
February 15, 2019, New York, NY

Learn the best practices of Kubernetes on Azure that you can apply to your environment today, and understand how other Azure services can work with Kubernetes to help you build and ship more quickly.

Cloud Immersion Experience: Azure Cosmos DB Hands-on Workshop 

February 20, 2019, Alpharetta, GA
February 20, 2019, Detroit, MI
February 21, 2019, San Francisco, CA
February 25, 2019, Malvern, PA
February 26, 2019, Burlington, MA
February 26, 2019, Edina, MN
February 26, 2019, Irving, TX
February 26, 2019, Sunnyvale, CA
February 27, 2019, Denver, CO
February 27, 2019, New York, NY

Learn how applications implemented on popular no-SQL platforms like Mongo DB and Casandra can be easily moved to Azure Cosmos DB, with few to no changes. This session will also highlight functionality such as support for Azure Table and Apache Tinkerpop’s graph traversal language Gremlin.

Microsoft Ignite: The Tour 
February 4–5, 2019, Washington, DC
Attend a free technical training event in Washington, D.C. Explore the latest developer tools and cloud technologies, interact with other developers and tech professionals, gain practical insights, and learn best practices.

IoT in Action Virtual Bootcamp 
February 4‒5, 2019, online
Gain a better understanding of IoT ‒ from device to cloud ‒ and accelerate IoT development in your organization. Register for this online event to get training, watch demos, and participate in hands-on labs.

Microsoft Business Applications Summit 
June 10‒11, 2019, Atlanta, GA
Register for this event for analysts, technical architects, and advanced users. Delve deeper into the tools you use every day, get a sneak peek at what’s next, connect with experts, and learn new skills.


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