ASP.NET Core API Reference

Namespaces in the ASP.NET Core Class Library

The following is a list of top level namespaces in the ASP.NET Core class library. Each namespace contains a set of functionally-related types.

Namespace Description
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Antiforgery Support for anti-request forgery.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication Support for authentication using a variety of mechanisms including using cookie authentication, external providers (ex. Microsoft Account, Facebook, Google, Twitter), OpenID Connect, and JWT bearer tokens.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authorization Support for authorization.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Builder Types for defining and building an ASP.NET Core application.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Cors Support for defining and enforcing CORS policies.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.DataProtection Support for cryptographically protecting data including key management and rotation.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Diagnostics Types that aid in the diagnosis of errors at runtime and during development.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Hosting Support for ASP.NET Core hosting.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Html Abstractions for working with HTML.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http Abstractions for working with HTTP.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity Support for establishing and managing user identities.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.JsonPatch Support for JSON Patch.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Localization Support for localization.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.MiddlewareAnalysis Support for analysis of middleware execution.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc Support for building web apps that follow the model-view-controller pattern.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Owin Types for compatibility with the Open Web Interface for .NET (OWIN).
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Razor The Razor templating engine.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Routing Support for request routing.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Session Support for session state.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.TestHost Test host for ASP.NET Core.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.WebSockets Support for WebSockets
Support for in-memory and distributed caching.
Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration Support for reading configuration data from a variety of sources (ex JSON, XML, environment variables)
Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection Support for dependency injection.
Microsoft.Extensions.FileProviders Support for interacting with the file system in a platform agnostic way.
Microsoft.Extensions.FileSystemGlobbing Support for file system globbing patterns.
Microsoft.Extensions.Globalization Support for globalization.
Microsoft.Extensions.Localization Support for localization.
Microsoft.Extensions.Logging Support for logging.
Microsoft.Extensions.ObjectPool Object pool implementation.
Microsoft.Extensions.WebEncoders Support for web encoding.

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