Microsoft.​Asp​Net​Core.​Antiforgery Microsoft.​Asp​Net​Core.​Antiforgery Namespace


AntiforgeryOptions AntiforgeryOptions Provides programmatic configuration for the antiforgery token system.
AntiforgeryTokenSet AntiforgeryTokenSet The antiforgery token pair (cookie and request token) for a request.
AntiforgeryValidationException AntiforgeryValidationException The that is thrown when the antiforgery token validation fails.


IAntiforgery IAntiforgery Provides access to the antiforgery system, which provides protection against Cross-site Request Forgery (XSRF, also called CSRF) attacks.
IAntiforgeryAdditionalDataProvider IAntiforgeryAdditionalDataProvider Allows providing or validating additional custom data for antiforgery tokens. For example, the developer could use this to supply a nonce when the token is generated, then he could validate the nonce when the token is validated.