Microsoft.​Asp​Net​Core.​Data​Protection Microsoft.​Asp​Net​Core.​Data​Protection Namespace


DataProtectionAdvancedExtensions DataProtectionAdvancedExtensions
DataProtectionBuilderExtensions DataProtectionBuilderExtensions Extensions for configuring data protection using an IDataProtectionBuilder.
DataProtectionCommonExtensions DataProtectionCommonExtensions Helpful extension methods for data protection APIs.
DataProtectionOptions DataProtectionOptions Provides global options for the Data Protection system.
DataProtectionProvider DataProtectionProvider Contains factory methods for creating an where keys are stored at a particular location on the file system.
DataProtectionUtilityExtensions DataProtectionUtilityExtensions
EphemeralDataProtectionProvider EphemeralDataProtectionProvider An that is transient.
Secret Secret Represents a secret value stored in memory.


IDataProtectionBuilder IDataProtectionBuilder Provides access to configuration for the data protection system, which allows the developer to configure default cryptographic algorithms, key storage locations, and the mechanism by which keys are protected at rest.
IDataProtectionProvider IDataProtectionProvider An interface that can be used to create IDataProtector instances.
IDataProtector IDataProtector An interface that can provide data protection services.
IPersistedDataProtector IPersistedDataProtector An interface that can provide data protection services for data which has been persisted to long-term storage.
ISecret ISecret Represents a secret value.
ITimeLimitedDataProtector ITimeLimitedDataProtector An interface that can provide data protection services where payloads have a finite lifetime.