Microsoft.​Asp​Net​Core.​Http Microsoft.​Asp​Net​Core.​Http Namespace


ConnectionInfo ConnectionInfo
CookieOptions CookieOptions Options used to create a new cookie.
DefaultHttpContext DefaultHttpContext
FormCollection FormCollection Contains the parsed form values.
HeaderDictionary HeaderDictionary Represents a wrapper for RequestHeaders and ResponseHeaders.
HeaderDictionaryExtensions HeaderDictionaryExtensions
HeaderDictionaryTypeExtensions HeaderDictionaryTypeExtensions
HttpContext HttpContext Encapsulates all HTTP-specific information about an individual HTTP request.
HttpContextAccessor HttpContextAccessor
HttpContextFactory HttpContextFactory
HttpRequest HttpRequest Represents the incoming side of an individual HTTP request.
HttpResponse HttpResponse Represents the outgoing side of an individual HTTP request.
HttpResponseWritingExtensions HttpResponseWritingExtensions Convenience methods for writing to the response.
RequestFormReaderExtensions RequestFormReaderExtensions
ResponseExtensions ResponseExtensions
SendFileResponseExtensions SendFileResponseExtensions Provides extensions for HttpResponse exposing the SendFile extension.
SessionExtensions SessionExtensions
StatusCodes StatusCodes
WebSocketAcceptContext WebSocketAcceptContext
WebSocketManager WebSocketManager Manages the establishment of WebSocket connections for a specific HTTP request.


FormCollection.Enumerator FormCollection.Enumerator
FragmentString FragmentString Provides correct handling for FragmentString value when needed to generate a URI string
HeaderDictionary.Enumerator HeaderDictionary.Enumerator
HostString HostString Represents the host portion of a URI can be used to construct URI's properly formatted and encoded for use in HTTP headers.
PathString PathString Provides correct escaping for Path and PathBase values when needed to reconstruct a request or redirect URI string
QueryString QueryString Provides correct handling for QueryString value when needed to reconstruct a request or redirect URI string


IFormCollection IFormCollection Represents the parsed form values sent with the HttpRequest.
IFormFile IFormFile Represents a file sent with the HttpRequest.
IFormFileCollection IFormFileCollection Represents the collection of files sent with the HttpRequest.
IHeaderDictionary IHeaderDictionary Represents HttpRequest and HttpResponse headers
IHttpContextAccessor IHttpContextAccessor
IHttpContextFactory IHttpContextFactory
IQueryCollection IQueryCollection Represents the HttpRequest query string collection
IRequestCookieCollection IRequestCookieCollection Represents the HttpRequest cookie collection
IResponseCookies IResponseCookies A wrapper for the response Set-Cookie header.
ISession ISession


CookieSecurePolicy CookieSecurePolicy Determines how cookie security properties are set.


RequestDelegate RequestDelegate A function that can process an HTTP request.