Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.TagHelpers.Cache Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.TagHelpers.Cache Namespace


CacheTagKey CacheTagKey An instance of CacheTagKey represents the state of CacheTagHelper or DistributedCacheTagHelper keys.
DistributedCacheTagHelperFormatter DistributedCacheTagHelperFormatter Implements IDistributedCacheTagHelperFormatter by serializing the content in UTF8.
DistributedCacheTagHelperFormattingContext DistributedCacheTagHelperFormattingContext Represents an object containing the information to serialize with IDistributedCacheTagHelperFormatter.
DistributedCacheTagHelperService DistributedCacheTagHelperService Implements IDistributedCacheTagHelperService and ensures multiple concurrent requests are gated. The entries are stored like this:
  • Int32 representing the hashed cache key size.
  • The UTF8 encoded hashed cache key.
  • The UTF8 encoded cached content.
DistributedCacheTagHelperStorage DistributedCacheTagHelperStorage Implements IDistributedCacheTagHelperStorage by storing the content in using IDistributedCache as the store.


IDistributedCacheTagHelperFormatter IDistributedCacheTagHelperFormatter An implementation of this interface provides a service to serialize html fragments for being store by IDistributedCacheTagHelperStorage
IDistributedCacheTagHelperService IDistributedCacheTagHelperService An implementation of this interface provides a service to process the content or fetches it from cache for distributed cache tag helpers.
IDistributedCacheTagHelperStorage IDistributedCacheTagHelperStorage An implementation of this interface provides a service to cache distributed html fragments from the <distributed-cache> tag helper.