Microsoft.​Asp​Net​Core.​Razor Microsoft.​Asp​Net​Core.​Razor Namespace


CSharpRazorCodeLanguage CSharpRazorCodeLanguage Defines the C# Code Language for Razor
DocumentParseCompleteEventArgs DocumentParseCompleteEventArgs Arguments for the DocumentParseComplete event in RazorEditorParser
ErrorSink ErrorSink Used to manage RazorErrors encountered during the Razor parsing phase.
ParserResults ParserResults Represents the results of parsing a Razor document
RazorCodeLanguage RazorCodeLanguage Represents a code language in Razor.
RazorEditorParser RazorEditorParser Parser used by editors to avoid reparsing the entire document on each text change.
RazorEngineHost RazorEngineHost Defines the environment in which a Razor template will live
RazorError RazorError
RazorTemplateEngine RazorTemplateEngine Entry-point to the Razor Template Engine


SourceLocation SourceLocation A location in a Razor file.


PartialParseResult PartialParseResult The result of attempting an incremental parse