Microsoft.AspNetCore.Routing Microsoft.AspNetCore.Routing Namespace


The default implementation of IInlineConstraintResolver. Resolves constraints by parsing a constraint key and constraint arguments, using a map to resolve the constraint type, and calling an appropriate constructor for the constraint type.
A builder for produding a mapping of keys to see IRouteConstraint.
A context object for RouteAsync(RouteContext).
Information about the current routing path.
An System.Collections.Generic.IDictionary<TKey, TValue> type for route values.
An System.Collections.Generic.IEqualityComparer<T> implementation that compares objects as-if they were route value strings.
Extension methods for HttpContext related to routing.
A context for virtual path generation operations.
Represents information about the route and virtual path that are the result of generating a URL with the ASP.NET routing middleware.


A snapshot of the state of a RouteData instance.


Defines an abstraction for resolving inline constraints as instances of IRouteConstraint.
Defines a contract for a route builder in an application. A route builder specifies the routes for an application.
Defines the contract that a class must implement in order to check whether a URL parameter value is valid for a constraint.
Defines a contract for a handler of a route.
A feature interface for routing functionality.


Indicates whether ASP.NET routing is processing a URL from an HTTP request or generating a URL.