Microsoft.AspNetCore.Server.IntegrationTesting Microsoft.AspNetCore.Server.IntegrationTesting Namespace


ApplicationDeployer ApplicationDeployer

Abstract base class of all deployers with implementation of some of the common helpers.

ApplicationDeployerFactory ApplicationDeployerFactory

Factory to create an appropriate deployer based on .

DeploymentParameters DeploymentParameters

Parameters to control application deployment.

DeploymentResult DeploymentResult

Result of a deployment.

IISDeployer IISDeployer

Deployer for IIS.

IISExpressDeployer IISExpressDeployer

Deployment helper for IISExpress.

NginxDeployer NginxDeployer

Deployer for Kestrel on Nginx.

RemoteWindowsDeployer RemoteWindowsDeployer
RemoteWindowsDeploymentParameters RemoteWindowsDeploymentParameters
RetryHelper RetryHelper
SelfHostDeployer SelfHostDeployer

Deployer for WebListener and Kestrel.

SkipIfCurrentRuntimeIsCoreClrAttribute SkipIfCurrentRuntimeIsCoreClrAttribute

Skips a test if the runtime used to run the test is CoreClr.

SkipIfEnvironmentVariableNotEnabledAttribute SkipIfEnvironmentVariableNotEnabledAttribute

Skip test if a given environment variable is not enabled. To enable the test, set environment variable to "true" for the test process.

SkipOn32BitOSAttribute SkipOn32BitOSAttribute

Skips a 64 bit test if the current Windows OS is 32-bit.


IApplicationDeployer IApplicationDeployer

Common operations on an application deployer.


ApplicationType ApplicationType
RuntimeArchitecture RuntimeArchitecture
RuntimeFlavor RuntimeFlavor
ServerType ServerType