DeploymentResult DeploymentResult Class


Result of a deployment.

public class DeploymentResult
Public Class DeploymentResult


ApplicationBaseUri ApplicationBaseUri

Base Uri of the deployment application.

public string ApplicationBaseUri { get; set; }
Public Property ApplicationBaseUri As String
String String

ContentRoot ContentRoot

The folder where the application is hosted. This path can be different from the original application source location if published before deployment.

public string ContentRoot { get; set; }
Public Property ContentRoot As String
String String

DeploymentParameters DeploymentParameters

Original deployment parameters used for this deployment.

public DeploymentParameters DeploymentParameters { get; set; }
Public Property DeploymentParameters As DeploymentParameters

HostShutdownToken HostShutdownToken

Triggered when the host process dies or pulled down.

public CancellationToken HostShutdownToken { get; set; }
Public Property HostShutdownToken As CancellationToken


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